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Our Authentic Mexican Breads - Nuestro Pan Mexicano

Conchas (5 Products)
The Concha is one of the most traditional breads of the Mexican bakery. It will always be found as a staple on the family table for breakfast and even dinner, in all its colors such as chocolate, pink, white and yellow. It uses a dough rich in sugars, butter and eggs, which gives Conchas their unique taste and soft texture. Conchas are formed by hand, then covered with a sweet paste made of different flavors, using a mold to mark the figure of a shell.
Bolillos (4 Products)
A French-roll cut with a knife, the Bolillo is probably the most popular and recognizable bread of the Mexican bakery. For thousands of years, the only bread produced by Mexican bakers was the Bolillo called "Pan De Labranza" (bread of the working class). The Bolillo is baked directly on the hot bottom of the oven, producing a thick and crunchy crust.  "Recien Horneado" (just out-of-the-oven) is a popular saying which draws people into the bakeries.  At baking time the Bolillo is required to be placed uniformly in the oven allowing the heat and vapor to circulate freely.
Empanadas (6 Products)
Empanadas are a kind traditional stuffed bread known in many countries. This product is characterized by the filling made up of a large variety of fruits and is distinguished for its flavor of lightly sweetened dough. The original shape is made by hand, giving the edges a curly trim.
Pan Fino (3 Products)
Sugary bread that is very characteristic of the traditional Mexican bakery.  Pan Fino is a soft product that is delicate and with an unmistakable cinnamon flavor which is characteristic of it.  It is worth mentioning that since it is shaped by hand Pan Fino comes in a great variety of figures and shapes, and can have fruit fillings and/or frosting to decorate it.
Danes (5 Products)
Australian in origin and known in Denmark as Wienerbrod (Viena's bread), the Danish is well known throughout the World. It is made from a sweet dough and laminated with butter. There is a great variety of shapes and fillings that make the Danish a very versatile product.
Feite (3 Products)
A traditional sugary bread of French origin, made of alternating layers of dough and butter. When baked, vapor trapped in between the layers of butter produces a physical separation from the dough, fluffing the product and offering an exquisite buttery and delicate flavor. A great variety of fillings, glazes and/or decorations add to the character of this product.
Polvorones (4 Products)
Differing from the products with yeast, the Polvorón does not rise before baking. Instead, that takes place during the baking process, when it expands and takes its shape and size in accordance to the weight of the portion. The flavors and colors of the Polvorón are diverse, among the favorites are pink, chocolate, white, and combination white/pink.
Puerquito (1 Product)
A fun, yet traditional bread in the shape of a little piglet. The Puerquito is made by using a special piglet-shaped cookie cutter, that cuts a layer of dough made with a combination of refined wheat flour with large amounts of milk, sugar, and molasses (ingredient that gives the flavor and color to the piglets).
Galleta (1 Product)
The English word, "cookie" has its origin from the Dutch word, "koekje" which means "small pastry." Special ingredients and flours are required with specific properties to assure softness and the unique taste of each different flavor.
Guayabas (2 Products)
A product made in the shape of a mountain. It comes in a variety of decorations on top. It has a high protein content due to the combination of essential ingredients that contain a large percentage of milk, eggs, sugar and margarine. 
Pan de Huevo - Jelly Roll (1 Product)
Niños or Jelly Rolls are a sugary type of bread, made with a base of egg and yeast, producing a homogeneous and spongy dough covered with a Raspberry topping. It is then rolled taking the form of a wrapped child, (in Spanish, Niño) and then covered with a raspberry topping and powdered with coconut. It is very popular for its soft texture and sweetness.
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